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Worried about identity theft?

The Bill My Mobile (tm) payment system uses patent-pending secure technology to enable charges to your credit source while keeping your payment data encrypted and hidden from merchants and prying eyes.


Secure payments from cellphones +
consumer-requested info sent as text messages on any cellphone



Imagine...carrying only your cell phone - no wallet or purse

Imagine...a personal identifiable pin code that you would use like a atm/debit card for  security

Imagine...your cell phone housing your Major Credit Card info and Debit Card info

Imagine...the possibilities

Think of the Security , Convenience and usefulness of the technology

STOP Imagining's here

          Businesses:                            Consumers:

  • Reduce your credit card acceptance costs -- merchant fees at 2.20%*(lower on in-store transactions)
  • Increase privacy by paying through your cellphone account -- no need to show your credit card or give CC # to strangers
  • Use your existing cellphone as a payment terminal, and accept credit payments anywhere (incl @ events)
  • No coins needed -- pay for parking via your cellphone with immediate text e-receipts (all cellphones) & web receipts for expense reports
  • Reduce your risk for liability from credit card numbers "on file" by using using customer payment accounts instead
  • Pay for delivery food via credit card, or pay in advance and don't wait in line
  • Increase your sales via co-marketing ads that stay on cellphones when consumer buy items close to your business
  • Accept credit cards securely from other individuals for convenience
  • Open new doors to advertising with trackable ROI for coupons & ads
  • Get e-receipts plus local coupons with every payment
  • Improve customer satisfaction and competitivess by reducing time spent waiting in lines
  • Stop carrying around a huge wallet with paper receipts -- e-receipts are easier and safer

*based on approval -- no charge to move merchant account

We expand merchant financial services to accept wireless payments while reducing existing fees, and turn wireless information into a conduit for consumer purchases.

See how we enable:

  • C2C and C2B payments
  • Convenience purchases for taxis, parking, tickets, event/mobile vendors, SOHO businesses, radio ad response
  • Protection against identity theft & fraud